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ABOUT | Lesson Space: Private English & Maths Tutoring Service in Geelong

Our Story

Sheena Dougherty's first teaching post was at Camberwell Grammar in 1996. She gained employment whilst still studying towards her Graduate Diploma in Education at Monash University. Sheena was the first person employed from her year. From there her career developed and she taught at The Geelong College, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Braemar College and Westbourne Grammar School. Whilst she loved the dynamics of the classroom she knew that one on one learning was ideal. Having completed her Master's Degree Sheena delighted in tutoring English one on one at Geelong Grammar School Corio Campus for a eight year period. At the same time Sheena created Lesson Space. From small beginnings Sheena worked tirelessly to create a positive learning environment in which students could excel, grow in confidence and make considered choices about an exciting future.

Sheena's strength is attracting and retaining teaching staff who have the mutual values of respect, integrity and a genuine desire to work with young people in order to watch them "fly".

As Sheena states . . .

Whilst tutoring one on one over an extended period you build a relationship based on positivity and trust. By focussing on your student's individual learning style you are able to empower your student to reach their full potential and that is what it is all about, making dreams a reality. Seeing your student being admitted to their course of choice.

Premium tuition across Australia

Grow in confidence & improve academic performance.

It is our belief that every student can benefit from high quality, one-on-one tuition. Whether your child is struggling with a particular subject, or wants to take their performance from good to fantastic, our team of highly skilled and passionate teachers can ensure that they achieve their goals. From our teachers to our administration team, everyone at Private School Teachers is dedicated to providing the best tailored tutoring, in a supportive and nurturing environment. We work every day to build confidence and help our students become authentic and optimistic learners.

Our Mission

Welcome to our website. At Lesson Space we aim to put your child in a strong academic position through offering the very best personal tutoring available in Australia. We have a wholistic approach to education and aim to build your child's confidence, and therefore their enjoyment and success in their schooling.

We strongly believe that students have different learning styles and that the classroom environment is not always adequate for effective understanding. This leads to the see, listen and do form of education, or formally, combining auditory, visual and kinaesthetic elements to the tutorial sessions. Therefore, it is important when starting tuition to not just have a well educated and experienced teacher but also have a teacher you can communicate with effectively. A teacher who can read the nuances and subtleties of the learning process and craft learning programs that engage and stimulate intellectual vigour.

Learning centres

Located conveniently in Newtown, our Learning Centre is the perfect environment for distraction free learning. Our highly qualified and caring teachers - as well as our dedicated admin staff - make sure every session is enjoyable, comfortable, and most importantly engaging and insightful.

We are not about putting a student in front of a computer and leaving them or working through a workbook. We specialise in personalised, one-on-one tutoring designed to help your child reach and exceed their educational goals.

Tuition in our Newtown Educational Centre is a terrific choice!

In order for tuition, and learning in general, to be effective it is essential to have a well-structured and comfortable environment. Our Educational Centre is ideal as it is in walking distance from the Newtown schools. It is a ten minute walk from The Geelong College and Sacred Heart College and a few extra minutes from St Joseph's College. We also offer in school tuition at Christian College.


Thank you for your interest in Lesson Space and the tuition services we offer. Feel free to contact me. We would love to hear from you!

Kind Regards,

Sheena Dougherty B.A, Grad. Dip. Ed, MBA