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SUBJECTS | Lesson Space: Private English & Maths Tutoring Service in Geelong


The primary years are when your child develops habits that can last a lifetime. For indeed the personality of a child is established by the age of seven. At Lesson Space, we offer empathetic and personalised, one-on-one tutoring across a wide range of subjects. Invest in your child and start your primary school child on their journey towards their goals today.


Our empathetic primary Math teachers develop your child conceptually and foster their interest in, working with numbers, space and numbers, the language of Maths, measurement, shapes, time and money.


The wonders of Science are explored at an early age through fun activities, learning about living things, the environment and space.

Over the past twelve years we have had the pleasure of watching primary school students passion for Science evolve into success in their Secondary School Scientific endeavours.


The ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms is essential in todays world. Our English tuition is offered from primary to English extension. Including both VCE, HSC and IB.

It is essential that our English teachers assist in the younger years to establish a solid base in phonics, grammar, punctuation, spelling, sequencing of ideas and essay structures. If the fundamentals are explored and taught well students have an 'edge' in the Secondary years and will reach their full potential and excel!


We delight in offering specialist preparation for the NAPLAN test, covering competency in literacy and numeracy.


The NAPLAN test is designed to assess students' knowledge and skills in Literacy and Numeracy. It is a suitable method of determining which areas need improvement. Significantly, it can be quite intimidating for an unprepared child. Our teachers can assist in revising and improving core skills both for the NAPLAN test and for future scholastic endeavours.


The transition from Primary to Secondary school can be extremely daunting - the work is getting harder, and the pressure to perform is increasing. Our specialist teachers have expertise across a range of Secondary subjects. Whether your child is starting their secondary school journey or looking to get the best possible result when graduating, Private School Teachers will help them reach their full potential.


Our teachers have expertise in the practical financial and statistical math, as well as more complex algebra and differential/integral calculus. We have experienced, specialist teachers in Further Maths, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths. Our students have consistently excelled in their Mathematical studies. Our consistently high results speak for themselves.


The pursuit of scientific knowledge in Secondary School, further develops critical thinking and problem solving. Our teachers delight in exploring Chemistry and Physics, as well as GAMSAT and other medical admissions tests with their students.


English tuition is a must, both for those who are struggling through to those who need to polish their writing skills in order to maximise their English result. Our outstanding English teachers focus upon the interpretation of texts, creative writing, comparative writing, oral presentations and language analysis. We are proud of the outstanding results that our English students have consistently achieved over the past twelve years! Our methodologies are proven and we know that we can be of assistance to your child.