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Online Tutoring | Lesson Space: Private English & Maths Tutoring Service in Geelong



We offer personalised, one-on-one tutoring via remote learning online nation wide.

The benefits of pursuing online tutoring with Lesson Space is that you will be tutored by leading assessors and educators nation wide. Your tutor may be an experienced teacher and assessor from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Hobart. Our teachers will give real time interaction and one-on-one constructive feedback via virtual whiteboards and screen sharing. Your child will also have access to superior quality online materials including video and audio content.

One-On-One Online Tuition

Online tuition is often used for remote students such as boarders or those with particular requirements who may not be able to receive support otherwise. However, there are many advantages for students to learn remotely in any location!

How does out online tuition work?

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